I believe that most investors have their own methods for the choice of foreign exchange trading platforms. For example, the platform must be formal and there must be multiple accounts, such as micro-spread accounts, mini accounts, etc., but there is another way to choose a platform. I choose Tickstory, because Tickstory can be said to be the guarantee of the quality of the foreign exchange platform, what are the benefits of the foreign exchange trading Tickstory platform?

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Eliminate low-quality platforms to ensure the investment environment

One of the first benefits of the foreign exchange trading Tickstory platform is that it can reduce the situation of encountering inferior platforms, because the Tickstory software has a world-renowned reputation, and the software quality is certified by an international authority. If some platforms use unknown software, genuine Tickstory. cnca. The importance of link, the investor's trading environment is difficult to guarantee.

Protect personal information and avoid information leakage

Another advantage of choosing the foreign exchange trading Tickstory platform is that it can protect personal information in all aspects, because the security factor of the Tickstory software is very high. From the investor logging in to the software to entering the market, the investor’s personal information and fund security are all protected by high-digit keys. Protection, there will be no leakage of personal information or even the theft of funds, and investors can also focus on analyzing the market to expand revenue.

Comprehensive analysis of the market to increase profit opportunities

In the foreign exchange trading Tickstory platform, investors can also analyze the market trend in an all-round way and increase profit opportunities. The Tickstory software has dozens of technical indicators. No matter what kind of analysis market habits investors have, they can find suitable indicators. The Tickstory software also has a market warning function. When the market fluctuates to the point where the investor plans, you can take appropriate actions in time , Effectively increase investment income.

Inferior platforms are screened through the conditions of the Tickstory software. During the transaction, the investor's personal information will also be fully protected. During the transaction, the investor can also analyze the market in an all-round way and find a suitable opportunity to gain profit

In the foreign exchange market, TICKSTORY is recognized as the best trading software, providing investors with a lot of trading advantages, and it is also a trading software commonly used by all formal foreign exchange trading platforms.

Below, take the operating experience of Juhui ggfx as an example to analyze the trading advantages of the TICKSTORY software of the formal foreign exchange platform:

1. Real-time formal supervision, safety and stability

In addition to Tickstory's own very high security performance, platform institutions also need strong supervision, and strict supervision can bring higher security guarantees. NFA, FSP, FCA, and ASIC are the world's four major authoritative regulatory agencies. One or more of them are real-time regulated foreign exchange platforms in terms of strength and reputation.

2. Simultaneous international market unmanned control

And the TICKSTORY trading software of the platform is connected to the international foreign exchange market in real time. All market data and information obtained by investors are synchronized with the global market. Whether it is a transaction or the result of a transaction, it cannot be manipulated by humans to ensure fair and transparent transactions. .

3. Operation is highly flexible and fast transaction

TICKSTORY operation is very stable, consumes very few resources, avoids the delay and slippage of other trading software, and ensures efficient operation speed. In actual trading operations, there is no slippage and no disconnection, ensuring a high degree of flexibility. Extremely fast trading experience.

4. The page is clear, simple and easy to learn and use

Compared with other trading software, the TICKSTORY software page is very simple and intuitive. After logging in, you can see your own icon. Simply operate a few steps on the page to complete transactions such as closing positions. During the transaction process, you can also There will be charts that need to be suitable for investors for market analysis, and even novices can quickly get started.

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5. Support multi-terminal use mobile phone to operate at any time

In addition, the TICKSTORY software also supports multi-terminal use. If you want to operate conveniently at any time, investors only need to download the mobile version of the TICKSTORY software to the mobile phone, and they can analyze or place an order on the mobile phone at any time and any place. , Which can almost meet the needs of all investors.

The benefits of TICKSTORY software are recognized by everyone. In summary, the main advantages of TICKSTORY are: safety, convenience, flexibility, speed, multi-function, and multiple terminals. But in the end, I also want to remind everyone that in addition to the choice of trading software, the choice of foreign exchange platform is also an extremely critical step.

TICKSTORY foreign exchange, 1-500 times adjustable leverage, 500 USD account opening, euro spreads from 0.8 pips!

Advantage 1: Tickstory has the lowest trading spreads in the industry

Tickstory 's spread is the lowest in the industry.

The pound against the euro (GBP/EUR) spreads from 0.5 pips, the euro against the U.S. dollar (EUR/USD) spreads 0.8 pips, the Japanese yen to the U.S. dollar (USD/JPY) spreads 0.8 pips, and the British pound to the U.S. dollar (GBP/USD) spreads 0.8 pips . The unparalleled advantage of spreads helps traders save a lot of transaction costs.

Note• Industry refers to the global Market Maker dealers / [ Spread Table ]

Advantage 2: Honors obtained by Tickstory foreign exchange

The best foreign exchange trading provider in 2010.
Tickstory was awarded the'Forex Expo Awards 2010-Best Institutional Broker.
Tickstory won the world's fastest growing foreign exchange broker in 2010.
Tickstory won the world's best trading platform in 2010.
In the Financial Technology Awards, Tickstory was named the best foreign exchange broker in Europe in 2009.
Tickstory won the best foreign exchange broker in 2008.

Advantage 3: Fund safety is guaranteed

Tickstory Financial Services Co., Ltd. has been approved by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and accepted its supervision ( license number: 078/07 ).
Tickstory is also a member of the following organizations: CIFSA , CCCI , CFSFA .
Tickstory's UK Ltd. is a subsidiary of Tickstory's Financial Services Ltd. It is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority ,
(UK FSA) registration number 509956 .
Tickstory's Financial Services Co., Ltd. complies with all applicable EU and financial instruments included in the European market ( MiFID ) and complies with the 2007 Cyprus local regulations, in line with investment services and regulatory market activities. The user experience of the Tickstory platform published by
foreign speculators on the well-known forum earnForex : original address, click to view

Advantage 4: Rich deposit methods

Rich way to deposit funds into gold eliminates a lot of trouble, support wire transfer , PayPal , MoneyBookers , internal transfers, 1-PAY ( Renminbi into gold ) and other funding method. Among them, 1-PAY supports RMB deposits , with fast speed and low cost (suitable for deposits below USD 1,000).

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Advantage 5: Excellent trading platform

See also: Wide range of InstaForex technical indicators.

Excellent trading platform MetaTrader 4 (TICKSTORY) and supports free EA program automatic trading, powerful chart analysis and custom indicator functions and intelligent trading system. And the transaction is extremely fast, and the connection is stable. And there is a special PDA mobile phone version to meet your needs for transactions anytime, anywhere.
The attributes are as follows: stable platform, powerful chart function, support for automatic trading , and free Tickstory TICKSTORY mobile version.

Advantage 6: Freedom of leverage

Tickstory provides freely adjustable leverage ratios to suit various needs. (Free and flexible choice of leverage from 1 to 500 times)

Advantage 7: A wide variety of transactions

The trading varieties supported by the Tickstory trading platform mainly include straight-fork foreign exchange, gold, crude oil trading, S&P 500, Nasdaq, Nikkei, Dax, wheat, corn, soybeans, Citibank, Disney, General Electric, HP, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, JP Morgan and other stocks and indexes are traded in a total of 140 varieties. ( Fubao Foreign Exchange )

There are some perks of trading on tickstory which are not present on other platforms:

1. Two-way trading, more opportunities to make money. Stock investment can only make money if it rises, while foreign exchange can be bought up or down. You can make money as long as you choose the right trading direction. In the stock market , the time of short market is much longer than that of long market. Investment opportunities are not easy to grasp. Therefore, the stock market is not a market with long-term investment value. This is also the reason why many stock market investors lose money.

  2. 24 hours a day trading. Starting at 8 o'clock in the morning (Beijing time) every Monday, and ending at 4 o'clock in the morning on Saturday, you can buy and sell at any time. The stock market can only be traded in certain hours during the day, usually from 9:30 to 3:00 in the afternoon, which is not suitable for office workers.

  3. Foreign exchange transactions are most beneficial to Chinese investors. The prime time for foreign exchange transactions is from 8 pm to 12 pm Beijing time. This period is the day when the European and American markets are the most active, and when the exchange rate fluctuates the most, Chinese investors have ample time to invest in foreign exchange transactions during this period.

  4. Low investment and low starting point. The minimum investment of 1,000 US dollars (equivalent to about 6,840 yuan) can open an account to speculate in foreign exchange. Successful investors can have several times the investment profit within a year.

  5. The market is objective and fair and not easy to be manipulated. The foreign exchange market has a daily trading volume of 1.9 trillion US dollars. There is an advanced and scientific online trading platform, and the market and data are open, making it the most transparent market.

  6. Foreign exchange is a free and convenient investment method. As long as there is a computer and connected to the Internet, you can buy and sell on your own no matter when and where, which is suitable for young people who like to work independently. Many people choose foreign exchange trading as a lifelong career.

  7. Foreign exchange transactions are in the form of margin, which can be used for small gains. According to statistics, one-third of billionaires in the United States are successful in foreign exchange investments. For example: Soros, Buffett and others are the most classic legends of successful foreign exchange speculation, and they are among the best in the ranking of the world's richest man.

  8. "Foreign exchange margin trading" is to use the principle of financial leverage to operate funds in the foreign exchange market by expanding the credit limit. At present, the leverage of foreign exchange margin trading can be up to 100 times the principal, and an investment of US$1,000 can make a transaction of US$100,000. Margin trading is a double-edged sword. Without proper risk management, investors have the same chance of incurring losses as gaining profits.

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  9. The trading strategy can be issued at any time according to market conditions and is extremely flexible. Even if the direction is wrong, stop the loss immediately and backhand, the loss is limited, and the profit is still extremely huge. There are a variety of orders to choose from, such as current price, fixed price, stop loss, take profit, 2 choose 1 and so on.

  10. Low transaction costs. In the stock market, you must pay brokerage commissions, transaction service fees and taxes. The over-the-counter trading structure of the foreign exchange market, especially the highly efficient electronic trading system, has reduced most of the transaction and settlement costs and reduced transaction expenses.

  11. There are thousands of stocks in the stock market, so stock selection will be a difficult task. In the foreign exchange market, currency combinations are very limited, which allows you to concentrate on these currency combinations, analyze them at low cost, and quickly grasp their pulse.

  12. Foreign exchange transactions can best meet the needs of technical investors. Unlike stocks and futures investments, currency trends are more regular, and it is easier to make profits by using technical analysis methods. A large amount of economic data will be released regularly, which also facilitates investors to conduct fundamental analysis. It is easier to grasp the trends of different countries than to analyze the changes of companies in the stock market. The operation of the country is usually more stable than that of the company, which means that it is easier to predict the direction of economic development.

  13. The foreign exchange market has high liquidity, and the T+0 system is implemented, which is easy to cash. For investors, no matter when and where any news happens, investors can respond instantly. Investors can also flexibly plan the time of entry or exit. Compared with the trading volume and foreign exchange market, the size of other financial markets is much inferior. For example, the liquidity is not good. For example, in the futures market, it is often difficult to trade, the price is easy to gap, and it is difficult to grasp. The foreign exchange market is always liquid, and transactions can be carried out at any time. The foreign exchange real-time quotation system can ensure that all market orders, limit orders or stop-loss orders are completely traded.

  14. The exchange rate fluctuates relatively sharply, and there is a large room for profit and loss. Investment and speculation are both good. If you want to invest steadily, you can reduce the capital leverage.

  15. Various trading methods, software, telephone, website, PDA trading are available.

  16. Unlike futures and stock warrants, there is no delivery period, and foreign exchange contracts can be held for a long time.

  17. The stock and futures markets will be unable to buy or sell when the limit is up or down. This kind of poor liquidity reduces many investment opportunities and causes losses. In the foreign exchange market, as long as you want, you can buy and sell at the real-time foreign exchange quotes at any time. The foreign exchange market will not suddenly rise or fall suddenly. Allows you to make correct decisions calmly in the face of any emergencies.

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Disadvantages of foreign exchange investment:

Our current foreign exchange transactions are generally foreign exchange margin trading, and foreign exchange margin trading amplifies both the benefits and risks. There is only one obvious shortcoming of foreign exchange speculation, that is, the risk is higher than other investment products. Once you operate it carelessly, it is very likely to cause huge losses! This is what we often say: the foreign exchange market is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.

I have many years of experience in the operation of stocks and foreign exchange precious metals, gold and silver, and have made great profits in the market battle. Good at using K-line theory and technical indicators to find reasonable buying and selling points. In recent years of trading, it has been advocating to respect the market's compliance with the trend, and is good at mid-to-long-term homeopathic trading. Contact the author V: (hydj678) for daily investment profit information.

Market trend analysis, trading strategy guidance.

1. Lack of transparency:

Since the foreign exchange market is dominated by brokers, driven by brokers means that the foreign exchange market may not be completely transparent. Traders may not be able to control how their trading orders are executed, they may not be able to obtain the best prices, or they may only have access to a limited view of trading quotes, and these quotes can only be provided by the broker of their choice. A simple solution is to choose only regulated brokers for trading, because these brokers are under the jurisdiction of the regulatory agency. The market may not be controlled by regulators, but the activities of brokers are governed by regulators.

2. Complex price determination process:

Foreign exchange rates are affected by many factors, mainly global political or economic factors, which may be difficult to analyze. Most foreign exchange transactions rely on technical indicators, which is the main reason for the volatility of the foreign exchange market.

3. High risk and high leverage:

Foreign exchange transactions are carried out on high leverage, which means that a person can obtain several times the profit and loss exposure of the transaction capital. The foreign exchange market allows a leverage ratio of 50:1, so a person only needs to hold 1 U.S. dollar to hold a foreign exchange position worth 50 U.S. dollars. Although traders can benefit from leverage, their losses will also be magnified. Forex trading can easily become a nightmare of loss, unless you have a sufficient understanding of leverage, have an effective capital allocation plan, and have strong control over emotions (for example, the willingness to reduce losses).

4. Self-directed learning:

In the stock market, traders can seek professional help from portfolio managers, trading advisors and relationship managers. Forex traders rely entirely on themselves, with little or no help. Throughout the trading career, self-discipline and continuous self-learning are necessary. Most novices withdrew at the initial stage, mainly because their limited knowledge of foreign exchange trading and improper trading caused losses.

5. High volatility:

Due to the inability to control the development of macroeconomic and geopolitics, it is easy to suffer huge losses in the highly volatile foreign exchange market. If something goes wrong with a stock, shareholders can put pressure on management to initiate necessary reforms, and they can also seek help from regulators. Forex traders have nowhere to go. When Iceland went bankrupt, foreign exchange traders holding Iceland Krona could only stand by. The 24/7 market makes it difficult to monitor prices and volatility on a regular basis. The best way is to strictly control the stop loss of all foreign exchange transactions and systematically conduct transactions through a carefully planned method.