Hello everyone.
According to the idea of ​​a morning deal, with MACD + MA12, there was nothing, MACD crossed zero much earlier than 08:00. But already at the European session we got a working situation according to a different idea.

The picture shows that the entry is made at the first touch of the indicator after the appearance of the corresponding arrow, but this is the basis, since there are many other rules. Working hours from 09:00 to 17:00. Parameters of transactions TP 10, SL 40. In the case when the transaction goes into a drawdown of more than 20 points or there is a change in the direction of the indicator (the appearance of the opposite arrow), it is necessary to set TP 0 or minus the spread, and then, if an entry appears in the other direction, close it in minus open a new position

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Morning scalper deal. Reversal from the current high of the day with the MA12 moving average below MA288. Fengshuiney would be to sell on the breakout of the fractal after the intersection of machine12 from top to bottom against machine 288. But the bearish stochastic signal on H1 was desperate to persuade me to sell, and I entered a little earlier. As a result, she took 7p. scalper profits, and there at least burn everything with a bright flame .

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It is difficult for an inveterate intradeyschik not to pay attention to what is going on in the older frames. That is why the traditional 3p. for wild scalping, I try to pull it up to 5-7-10p. And the capture of the zhakhov lot 1p. came this for me in general space.

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