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Hi Deathstar.

Just a few min ago, you have rejected my post because of poor English. It's clearly proved that you are doing this intensionally. Please don't do this because you have notified me that we have to use grammarly and I have 100 score on grammarly and the reading level is around 80 out of 100. Then how did you consider it that it's a poor English?

I hope so that you will recheck it and expecting a proper guidance from you.

Another most important thing is that, I had 6 attempt to claim. But now it's showing I am banned for one month.

As usual, if you say I have 10 rejected post, yes I had. And I was banned for those 10 rejected post. Now why ban keeping 6 attempt?

So, I think it's a glitch from the forum system. Forward it to the technical department.

I face This issue but Addmin say I have 14 post reject but how then i claim after 10 post reject this i not understand about this issue. I feel this is technical Error.