TradingView - If you are a professional trader , whether novice, whether in the stock market, or do not know this extremely useful tool for technical analysis, forex , indices, gold or e-currency (Bitcoin, Ethernet Fong), The "Deal" view is always an essential website. So what is TradingView? And how to use it trading currency effective? Today, the virtual currency swamp will guide everyone!

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What is TradingView?

TradingView is a provider of online services and social networking for these Companies trader. The main platform of TradingView is in-depth technical analysis tools and social networks, where traders are willing to share and constantly update market changes. Electronic money and inventory between each other.

There are many tools in TradingView , such as supply demand, Elliott, harmonics, patterns and other professional analysis charts. Its design is very intuitive and easy to use, which can effectively support traders to trade and update variables. Market dynamics. In addition, TradingView can divide the market into multiple time ranges, from the minimum time range to 3 months/6 months/1 year time range, which is very convenient for you to conduct long-term analysis. Long-term investment for cryptocurrency or stocks.

Advantages of TradingView tool
  • Very good support.
  • There is a huge community that can continuously update information and is highly accurate, including a large number of businessmen from Vietnam.
  • Independent trading platform, has nothing to do with the operating system.
  • Multi-frame charts with many different currency pairs can be analyzed at the same time.

Can analyze cross-markets: TradingView supports many different markets, not only virtual currency markets, foreign exchange, oil, stocks, etc.
The visualization chart tool has many parameters, the chart has many choices, the most common is still the candlestick chart.

A convenient place to store transaction records.

Upgrade TradingView Pro account

By default, you will use a free TradingView account with basic tools. If you have higher requirements, you can register a TradingView PRO, PRO+ or PREMIUM account with more advanced features. In particular, you can use any account to try it free for 30 days.

If you pay monthly, the price of TradingView PRO is US$14.95, PRO+ is US$29.95, and Advanced is US$59.95. Moreover, if you pay once every 2 years, there will be more preferential prices; in particular, the cost of PRO package is US$9.95/month, PRO+ is US$19.95, and Advanced is US$39.95.

Instructions for using TradingView to track BTC, ETH and altcoins

TradingView interface overview

The TradingView interface consists of 3 main parts:

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At the top of the part title is the index of the index and the exchange rate of the coin. At the bottom right of the menu bar is the menu bar to help you access TradingView functions.

The main content part is the main interface in the middle of the screen. Including general market information, the authors article is a famous trader, general news...
The part toolbar is a toolbar with a sidebar in the right column. The toolbar will always appear, so you can track the most important information without worrying about losing it. Parts toolbar, you can quickly switch between the following tools: tracking, alarms, calendar, ideas, chat...

How to find coins, coin pairs and track them in the transaction view

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There are two ways to find coins and pairs of coins to be tracked by the exchange:

1How : You can directly search for the coin name and a pair of coins to be tracked in the search box on the floor

After clicking "Interactive Chart", it will display the detailed interface of a pair of coins you are interested in. Then, if you want to add other indicators, please choose from the following image. There are many different indicators in this area. For example, click MACD to select the indicator. If you want to correct these indicators, click the gear below.

A guide to filtering trading signals in the cryptocurrency market from Tradingview
First, you visit the links on this link Cryptocurrency search signal; enter TradingView, find the menu market > Encryption Money > Encryption money market signal finder . This is a very powerful tool for those who want to find signals for the coins you intend to invest in

The tool will display a list of coins that are currently rated as " Mua " or " Strong Purchasing Power ". With filters based on CHG, volume, evaluation, settlement, exchange..., so you can quickly identify the market. You can also use the tool for quick analysis to calculate Pivot Classic, Fibonacci, Carmarilla...

Next, choose the candles to consider filtering signals: There are 5 pre-designed levels, including 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week and 1 month candles

Then select the floor to filter the signal. Tradingview has built-in filters, so you can choose to filter.

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Why use TradingView to trade coins?

TradingView is today's most popular technical analysis support platform and is used by many professional traders. Even Binance , Huobi , BitMEX , Kucoin , Cryptopia also get charts from TradingView to make it more convenient for traders to trade on the market.

If you still want to know if you want to switch to TradingView, please try to consider the reasons for using TradingView:

The power of social networks : Through the connection network of TradingView, you can easily learn experience and analytical skills from professional traders and long-term traders.
Multiple analysis : TradingView allows you to analyze multiple time ranges of a pair of coins very simply and conveniently.

All of these charts have a lot of limitations. For example:

you can't see what happened to the price even an hour ago;
there is no possibility to use a variety of indicators; usually there are three cripples, and they work strangely;
graphs are not scalable - you basically cannot see the big picture.
This is where normal graphics come to the rescue. There are a great many of them. But the most popular are only two:


We will leave the metatrader alone - this is a topic for a separate article, plus, he is not suitable for the hero of this article either. But Tradingview is what the doctor prescribed not only for BOs, but also for Forex and even stock exchanges.

Is it possible to combine the Tradingview chart and the BO broker
You don't need to combine anything. Both the broker and Tradingview do the same thing - they simply broadcast the quote they receive from a third party provider.

Where do the quotes come from and what are they? Where do the candles come from, where do the prices come from?

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Quotes are broadcast by prime brokers, specialized companies and investment banks. At the same time, on the charts you see indicative prices on the interbank market - the international currency market. He is also FOR eign EX change - FOREX.

However, the interbank market is unregulated. There is no common center that distributes these numbers. This is not surprising - banks are located in different countries, with different legislation, and currency trading is carried out in hundreds of systems, from ECN like EBS or Currenex to various hubs and liquidity aggregators.

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In other words, there are a lot of suppliers of quotations. They are suppliers - they just give you a data feed, and then you show these numbers on your brokerage website or on a chart. Let's say:
  • Binary shows quotes from Thomson Reuters;
  • Tradingview shows quotes from FXCM (a well-known prime broker) and a number of other providers.
  • There is no need to be afraid - it was and will be so. Quotes are always different. They all show the same thing, but in slightly different ways. And it doesn't matter. Microdifferences in a few thousandths in binary (and forex) to a light bulb.

The main thing for us is that the price movement simply coincides. So that when the price rises on all charts in the world, it grows at the broker as well. It is not difficult to check the conformity of such a movement.

Remember: on a 1-minute timeframe, there are discrepancies between any charts not only in numbers, but also in price movements.

If you use TF for at least 3 minutes, you can safely use a normal chart instead of a brokerage flaw. Such as my favorite Tradingview.

On the broker's BO platform, you simply press the Up / Down buttons. And all the analysis is done on a normal chart.

Let's move on to its capabilities.

Using Tradingview

There are several ways to open a TV chart:

a simplified version of the tradingview on this website;
full version without registration on the tradingview website itself;
advanced version on TraderWader;
full version of tradingview .

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To get access to all the features of the platform, you need to register in it. For the simplified version gives only 5% of what TV is capable of.

The main advantages of the full version:

all art on the chart can be saved;
you can save several types of charts and their templates;
an incredible number of indicators and scripts are available;
there are alerts;
your ideas and thousands of traders;
comparison of different instruments;

See also: Wide range of InstaForex technical indicators.

economic news, general and private chats.

The paid pro version of Tradingview

As you can see, in addition to free, there are several paid subscription options. What's interesting about them:

the ability to use several charts in one window (multi-windows);
lack of sponsored advertising;
the ability to save an unlimited number of charts (only 5 in the free version);
the ability to put an unlimited number of indicators on the chart (10 in the free version);
10 alerts;
any timeframes for any assets;
real-time data for multiple exchanges;
Renko charts, Kagi charts, tic-tac-toe charts on timeframes less than a day;
real volumes for stocks and futures.

Conclusion: Summary

TradingView is a social network for traders with the ability to subscribe to each other. , the exchange of messages and the publication of forecasts of asset price movements accompanied by graphs.
I hope that through this article you will understand and make full use of the excellent features of Tradingview to trade coins with the highest efficiency. Personally, I also mainly use Trading View. To monitor and analyze the price trend of coins, I suggest using it is really useful and convenient.