But first, what is a free decompiler?

A decompiler is a computer program that takes a read-only file as input and attempts to produce high-level readable code that can be recompiled successfully on another machine. It's also the polar opposite of a compiler, which converts source code into an executable. (A Compiler converts source code to machine code.) Compilers usually produce diluted source code, and as a result, remote (or remote-ish) components like decompilers may also collapse electronic code. Despite this, the complexity of computer code makes it difficult to decompile without the use of a decompiler.

In a summary, compiling is the process of “translating” the code written by the programmer (source code) into a language that the computer can understand (executable file). As a result, the reversal will be a compilation. That is, in order to obtain the programmer's code, one must first obtain the program's code (executable).

Why are some files in the EX4 format?

It's no surprise you came across files with the.ex4 file extension, as the file includes the MetaTrader network's software framework. MetaTrader is a piece of trading software that lets you trade foreign exchange, futures contracts, and commodity futures contracts over the internet.

The EX4 files combine the code from different MQ4 files into a single C++ project. The trading platform code is included in the HTML files containing the expert advisor files and can be executed by the website.

Any EX4 files, which are pre-written programs that come with a user's machine, are present on the computer. Some of the files used in the MetaTrader trading program, like the EX4 files, can be created for it.

Each EX4 lab file has the EX4 file extension and is protected against decompilation with a special software security scheme. (A single sentence that encompasses all of the different types of innovations listed.) Changes to, or disassembly of, EXE files are no longer prohibited (for EXE, DLL, and EXE-COM files).

The security scheme is a stand-alone application that MetaQuotes Software Corp. owns the exclusive rights to. Traders are working to improve government by requiring all to uphold the specified rights as well as intellectual property and copyrights.

Why should traders convert it to MQ4?

The MetaTrader Custom Indicator File extension was created by MetaQuotes Software Corporation. The MQ4 file format contains the MQL4 programming language's source code and application data. Since the source code can be opened by a method called MetaEditor, which is required to access or change the indicator's code, it is extremely useful. A module is a shared document that contains variables, functions, that comments and can be used by several computer programs over a network.

Each module can be used in multiple computer programs. The Custom Indicator is a separate indicator that is written separately from the indicators already used in the terminal. They can't be shared automatically, like bar-code scanners. They were developed, however, solely for the purpose of implementing analytical functions. In each of these circumstances, traders have a chromatogram.

Traders save it in the expert_ directory, terminal_ directory, and indicators directories. MetaTrader is a web-based trading platform for financial institutions that trade Forex, CFDs, and futures markets. Metatrader for Windows does not only recognize MetaTrader4, but it can also open MQ4 files.

EX4 to MQ4 Rationale, Importance, and Catch
Transactions in the MetaTrader 4 network are carried out using the EX4 and MQ4 files. In the Forex market, both of these types of investors are crucial. These files may contain program code as well as a relative path to EAs, indicators, or scripting languages. The distinction between these two types of files is that the former contains source code and is executable (*.EX4), while the latter does not (.MQ4 files containing the source code as well as other information). The software or application's source code is incredibly useful for a number of purposes. The explanations for this are as follows:

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  • This places the source code and its algorithms in a location where they can be adjusted to suit current business needs.
  • This scheme eliminates all limitations on the amount of money made by the employer, the application, or the trader, as well as the amount of time spent on the job.
  • Knowing why and how the trading software works can help you understand the logic behind it. You back this program because you believe it will keep your money safe.

Just a few developers have been unable to successfully bind source code to their products over time. Slightly decompiled files from.EX4 to.MQ4 are often needed to render indicators consistent with other platforms.


In the past, it was relatively simple to decompile a particular form of malware. It will cost less than $10 and take less than a minute. It is also possible to have the EX4-MQ4 decompiler, which is a standalone decompilation method.

However, things have changed in the world of decompilers. Starting with MQL 4 construct 600, the compiled code will be native (like DLL). Unfortunately, due to its lack of feasibility, the EX4 decompiler has been retired.

What is the location of the ex4 to mq4 decompiler?

There are a plethora of decompilers to choose from on the internet. However, since it is also free, the ex4 to mq4 decompiler freeware 4.0 509.5 edition is the most convenient decompiler for me. Just be careful of fake websites that have malware as part of the setup process.

How do I use the ex4 to mq4 decompiler 4.0 509.5 freeware?

Traders can open MetaQuotes files for free by using MetaQuotes software. Compatibility with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux is popular. You must, however, double-click or double-faucet the file before loading it, which means you might not be able to do so on MetaTrader.

There is another way to open the EX4 stock register. Simply place it in the specified directory of the MetaTrader software installation list file. If MetaTrader 5 is installed in Program Files, the folder C:Program FilesMetaTrader 5MQL5 is most likely the location.

Once you’ve saved to that folder, you’ll find some other sub-folders. The EX4 file is what it is, and the reader should be aware of this so that they know where to store it. It may be an indicator, a technical advisor file (EA), or a script; place it in the “Indicators” folder if it’s an indicator, the “Experts” folder if it’s an EA, and the “Scripts” folder if it’s a script.

Locate your data files in the ‘Navigator’ window and ‘click’ on them to access them in MetaTrader. Go to the View > Navigator menu if you don’t see things like navigation, sidebars, or views.

This is not the case: the EX4 file extension is not the same as the EXO, EXR, EX_, or EXE file extensions, despite sharing some of the same characters. To see if you can locate a group, look at backlinks from here to backlinks.

If your computer’s software is set to open EX4 files for some purpose, but you discover that it is the wrong software or that you’d be much more comfortable with the shown software open, follow the instructions in my “How to modify the default program for a particular file extension” guide to change that setting in Windows.

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What is the best way to convert EX4 to MQ4?

To convert an EX4 to a MQ4, you’ll need a decompiler since EX4 files are the compiled data equivalent of MQ4 files.

Simply insert the output into your machine as shown to extract a mq4 file with this program.

The procedure would almost certainly be carried out entirely via the MetaTrader app.

Name: EM1.PNG Views: 109 Size: 36.2 KB

You’ll see the image above when you open the decompiler. Check the (1) Compatible with all versions of Windows box to make it easier to convert it to a file that can be accessed by any Windows edition. Check the (2) Enable MetaTrader plug-on box to use this MQ4 file in the MetaTrader software. Finally, push the (3) To ensure that the EX4 file you selected can be converted to any version of EX4, support the latest version of EX4.

Name: EM2.PNG Views: 109 Size: 40.1 KB

Then, by clicking “Input,” navigate to the EX4 file you saved. Click “Open” after you’ve selected your EX4 file.

Name: EM3.PNG Views: 109 Size: 98.1 KB

After that, press “Decompile” to let the software take care of all the coding and decompiling for you.
You’ll see the converted MQ4 file after you’ve finished all of that, which you can now use in your MetaTrader app.

When do you use the 4.0 509.5 freeware ex4 to mq4 decompiler?

Following are some of the most known examples:
  • It’s a method for stealing the work of other programmers and republishing it under a different name.
  • To alter, correct, and/or edit an MT4 program.
  • Knowing how to write MQL4 codes can be highly profitable. MetaTrader 4 was used as the programming language in this project (MT4).
  • To locate and retrieve any lost project source code.
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Last Thoughts

You just need the source code (an mq4 file) for a MQL5 Expert Advisor (EA) to create this MT4 Expert Advisor (EA). The fact that MT4 EA only operates with the compiled format is one of its advantages (ex4 extension). Regardless of whether you have the indicator code, our MT4 programmers will be able to build and construct an MT4 EA based on your trading statement (ex4).

It turns out that a trader can enforce an alarm and alert for a piece of data even though they don’t have the source code (mq4 file). A skilled MT4 programmer, for example, can adjust a single indicator signal and then change the indicator signal to do something else, such as notify you of the change. You should not be afraid to ask a trader if they have your form of indicator; the indicator does not require the mq4 file to function properly.

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