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    A MetaTrader MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) is a forex trading software platform that is not tied to any particular forex broker. MQL4 (MetaQuotes Language 4) is a built-in programming language for trading strategies.

    There are three different types of files in MQL4 that contain program code: mq4, ex4, and mqh. Mq4 files contain the source code for a program. This form of file contains the source code for a variety of programs (EAs, scripts, indicators). MetaEditor is a program that is used to create program codes.

    Can't Get .MQL4 File to Open?

    You just need to have the necessary software installed on your device to open a.mql4 file. You can receive the following error message if the.mql4 relation is incorrect:
    This file cannot be opened by Windows:
    example.mql4 file.

    Windows needs to know what software you want to use to access this file before it can open it. Windows can automatically look it up online, or you can choose manually from a list of programs installed on your computer.

    To change file associations
    Right-click a file with the extension you want to change and select Open With from the menu.
    Click the program you want to open the file with in the Open With dialog box, or click Browse to find the program you want.
    Pick the Always open this type of file with the selected software check mark.

    Operation of Files in MQL4

    This set of functions is used to manipulate data.
    Working files are stored in three folders (including subdirectories):

    /History / current broker > - a fileopenhistory feature that has been specially
    /Tester / files test specific;
    /Experts / files public directory

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    Working Files from Other Folders are Not Available.

    FileClose() is a function that closes a file.
    FileDelete() is a method for deleting data.
    Clear the file buffer and save it to disk with FileFlush().
    FileIsEnding() checks whether the file pointer has reached the end of the file;
    FileIsLineEnding() checks if the file pointer has reached the end of the line
    FileOpen() opens a file in the current directory;
    FileOpenHistory() opens a file in the history directory
    FileReadArray()- read data from a file in an array
    FileReadDouble()- read floating point data from a file
    FileReadInteger()- read integer data from a file
    FileReadNumber()- read values from a text file
    FileReadString()- read string from file
    FileSeek()- transfer file pointer
    FileSize()- get file size
    FileTell()- get file pointer position

    There are Three Ways to Start mql4-files:

    1.) Change the software code to meet the latest mql4-version's specifications
    2.) Hire a professional to do it for you
    3.) Use an older compiler edition (but I do not know how long it will be running without update)

    What Exactly is MQL4?

    MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) is a programming language that comes with MetaTrader 4. MQL4 refers to MQL version 4, which is compatible with MetaTrader 4. If you have never written code before and don't know what a programming language is, that's great. A programming language is a set of instructions that a programmer, in this case you, can use to instruct a machine to perform specific tasks. This series of acts is then referred to as a program.

    MQL4 was first released with the first version of MetaTrader 4 in 2005 and has since received several updates. In 2014, it received a significant update that increased its capacity, protection, and features, bringing it close to the level of MQL5.

    See also: Wide range of InstaForex technical indicators.

    While there are some significant differences between MQL4 and MQL5, we will concentrate on MQL4 and MetaTrader 4 for the time being.

    Extensions of File

    The following are the extensions for MQL4 files:
    .mq4 extension denotes a source file. It's essentially a text file format that includes all of the instructions that must be followed. MetaEditor or any text file editor can be used to access them. To run in MetaTrader, this file must first be compiled.

    .ex4 file is a compiled version of a program that MetaTrader will run. It can't be opened with anything other than MetaTrader. You will almost certainly obtain software with the.ex4 extension if you purchase a paid indicator or expert advisor.

    .mqh files are collections, which are files that contain extra functions that you can use in your programs. You can open them with MetaEditor or any text editor program, just like.mq4 files.

    Include files are so named because they are normally "included" in the main source file during compilation using the #include directive. Despite the fact that mqh files can contain program source code and be compiled by MetaEditor, they are not independent and self-contained, in the sense that they do not need compilation to produce executable ex4 files. Mq4 files, which should be stored in ClientTerminal folderexpertsinclude, can be used as include files.

    Only the names of files with the extension ex4 and stored in the corresponding folder will be shown in the client terminal navigator's sections "EAs," "Custom indicators," and "Scripts." Files created with older versions of MetaEditor are greyed out and unable to be opened.

    Other types of files are used in the development of application programs but do not make up a full program. A program, for example, may be made up of many different files or from a library that was previously built. You may build custom function libraries to keep track of commonly used user program blocks. Libraries should be saved in the ClientTerminal folderexpertslibraries directory. As library files, mq4 and ex4 files can be used. Libraries do not begin on their own. Since library function calls use more computing resources, it is preferable to use include files instead of libraries.

    MQL4 has a syntax that is close to that of C++/C#/C/Java. So, if you're already familiar with some of these languages, learning MQL4 won't take long.

    What Can MQL4 Really Be Used For?

    MQL4 is a very useful tool that, when used correctly, can greatly increase your trading possibilities. To give you some examples, MQL4 can do the following:

    Carry out statistical operations, such as calculating a place size based on risk parameters.
    Determine the levels of your stop-loss and take-profit orders.
    Place orders and close them.

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    Display messages on a computer or send them to an email address.
    Keep track of anything with log files and reports.
    Make your own metrics.
    Automate your trading by allowing your machine to make decisions for you without your input.

    As you can see, MQL4 gives you a lot of control, and learning it will allow you to use it effectively.

    MQL programs can be classified into three groups:

    expert advisors

    For more information, consider visiting our website instaforex

    Thank you!
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