Here is my continuation analysis of GBPUSD . From my previous analysis, after reached the TP1 area GBPUSD rejected going down through the 1.40000 area. That indicates to me that GBPUSD still have bullish pressure. For today base on the daily timeframe , i expect GBPUSD will push to the upside again one more time before falling to test the 1.40000 area again. In the smaller timeframe such as 1H or lower i expect GBPUSD will retrace a bit before going to the upside.

On GU we are currently at daily level of Supply. I expect from here the market to drop down to the next level of h4 Demand Zone . There is one level which we already tapped into therefore we may go down lower. That would be also very good to get nice discount price to buy gbpusd again. As we can see weekly is bullish..

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