The Fastest and Most Profitable Withdrawal From Foreign Exchange:

More than once it has been written about how to invest in a trader's account to trade on the Forex currency exchange or to open trades in the stock market.
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But surprisingly, account repayments and forex refunds are not completely different processes and their differences are found not only in the fact that in the first case you pay, and in the second case you Receive.
In fact, everything is different the speed of money transfer, the size of the commission received and the many options that can be used for funds transactions.
In addition, you need to evacuate. Additional conditions may be encountered limiting the frequency, for example, once a month or limiting the transfer amount to a specific payment system.

The most lucrative option to withdraw money from foreign Currency

Here, in most cases, it all depends on how much money you withdraw, as there is often a fixed amount of commission.
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Bank Account
For me, the most effective withdrawal of funds from foreign currency is a bank account, the commission amount is 13. , If you withdraw 1000 1,000, only 1.3%, 2000 even less than 0.65%, and so on.
It is clear that this method will not work for you if you work in small amounts and you need to use the option with a certain percentage.

Payment System WebMoney
Vault WebMoney - My broker does not charge a commission for withdrawals, and the system commission itself is only 0.8%.
After that, the money received can be withdrawn to the bank account by paying another 1.5% and incomprehensible 2.5 Euros. As a result, withdrawing money in foreign currency will cost 6 2.56 + 0.8%, which was previously paid.
That is, if you withdraw to a bank account in euros, when you use rubles, the commission amount is slightly lower.

Yandex Money
In return, they take 1.5 to 2.5 percent, but you have to take it back in Russian rubles, which is not always profitable. Once or twice I tried to transfer dollars, because I have a multi-currency wallet, but still the money was in rubles.
If you return the card, you will need to pay an additional 1 to 3.
I personally try to use the electronic payment system for the settlement of electronic, goods and services on the Internet, so I manage to save a bit on further evacuations.

Bank card
If you go back to the bank card, then the brokers charge an average of 1.5 to 2.5% depending on the currency and the broker itself, as well as your bank's commission.
The currency of payment also plays an important role, for example, when using a Revolt card, I was charged $50 for a transfer in US dollars, an intermediary bank operated. But when exchanged in euros, the full amount comes through the minus commission which is indicated by the broker.

Quick Refund From a Foreign Account:

Here, everything is individual and depends on a particular broker, but if we compare the rate of return to the same brokerage company, we can say that:
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The money on the card comes almost immediately, but sometimes it gets credited instantly, and sometimes it weight as in 5 days.
I don't know what it's connected to, at least for me, the situation arises.
Payment System, Transfer takes only a few minutes per hour, with rare exceptions.
Bank transfer is one of the longest options. On Saturdays, translation takes a day or two. And if it falls on a day off, then three or four days.
Decide for yourself what is most important to you, the speed or cost of withdrawing money in foreign currency, while keeping in mind that some brokers require withdrawal as a credit to the account. Take the same option.
In my work, I myself often use a bank account, sometimes web money or index money, when settlements on the network need this particular currency. If you need to withdraw a small amount, then I will refer to this option with plastic card.
Returning money earned on Forex is not difficult and not so expensive, the fact is that there is something to withdraw.