Hello everyone.

I came across a program that helps to make an advisor on indicators Forex EA Generator 3.

I wanted to try something.

I want to make a reverse expert that will open an order based on the signals of two indicators.



Let's go directly to the cells for creating a technical analysis of the indicator under which there will be conditions for opening an order .

I must say right away that conditions are needed not for one indicator, but for two.

What is a zigzag that a snake when added in a window, as I understand it, you can edit only a deviation from level 0.

But how can I write a command so that one of the conditions for opening an oredr is HIGH, that is, the appearance of that same zigzag and the second condition for the appearance of a signal, for example SELL on the snake indicator?

After all, snake gives exactly such signals as SELL and BUY, and when added, you can edit only the deviation from the balance point 0.

Here's something I don't understand the charm of creating such an advisor. How to enter the conditions for opening an order for these two indicators, editing only the balance point ??

Maybe someone will dispel my doubts and tell me that I'm confused and in fact everything is simpler here.

The essence of the question is how to register the high (low) of the zigzag and the BUY-SELL Snak in this program, eh?

The fact that they (these indicators) are added, I see. But how can a specific condition be prescribed for a specific position of the indicator?

The peculiarity of the indicators is that each has an alert.

A zigzag has a sound signal (alert) + a graphic signal in the form of a circle, and a snake has a sound signal (alert) + a BUY-SELL pop-up window.

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