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Photoshop is a well-known process among people. Many people, before uploading their image to a social network, process it in Photoshop to make the image brighter and more beautiful. I have always been neutral to such people, but I have never used Photoshop myself. Yes, and I post my photos very rarely. Well, as we all know and can guess, girls love to use photoshop and misuse it and I think this should not be done. I believe Photoshop is only needed for high resolution in your image. Adjust the brightness of the image, remove various lights, make your photo clearer and more complete. Or, modern and non-photoshop calls make great photos.
Almost all my friends use Photoshop. Guys mostly use Photoshop to get small details and dont bother with the process. With all of this, they stay in their photos with a natural look and dont try to change it in any way. As for the girls, this is already a tragedy. In editing their images, they know no boundaries. I dont want to offend the womens side now and Im sorry if something offends you in my words, but I will actually talk about, what it really is and what I have experienced in my life.
Many girls, especially those who do not look so good, make themselves beautiful in Photoshop that sometimes it seems to me that they can't spend time in Photoshop and just upload pictures of Angelina Jolie in their youth. After Photoshop, the person who was in the picture is completely different and you take a picture of the person and put a living person next to it, then you will not find any difference at all. I would also say that there are quite a few such boys, as well as girls. I dont want to say that I am some kind of good man and the girls do push-ups in the cells when I pass, I just stand for the beauty of nature.
Wake up people, don't try to fool yourself. I can still understand when someone changes themselves beyond recognition in Photoshop, to post on Instagram or another network where they only have close friends or acquaintances. But I do not understand at all when a girl posts pictures of herself on a dating site, when they are two different people in life and in a photo. Why is this? Just hanging out with a guy and not planning a date with him? Or come to the meeting and do a great miracle for that person? I have only found this many times. There the girl was hiding her natural state. When she was photographed in different parts of the picture and in this photo it turned out that she was young or changed her face in Photoshop in an unknown way. There were times when both the face and the situation in the picture were perfect, and when they met, there was just a panic. I just dont understand why cheating on people like that, what good is it? Especially if you are requesting a photo with natural beauty and you get a framed image in every facial detail, but without makeup. Then you feel bad and you don't understand why you are being punished.

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