1. Palandoken

Palandoken is a long-known ski resort located in the east of Turkey. Tours to Paladonken are purchased even by seasoned skiers: steep slopes starting from heights of more than 2 km provide an exciting downhill or slalom. Rest in Palandoken attracts fans of extreme sports because there are two black slopes, the descent along which is difficult and sometimes even fraught with danger, because the slope of the slopes is only 40-45 degrees. If you decide to visit Paladonken in winter, where to start? Skiing. Here you will find ski slopes with ski slopes, not only for beginners but also for professionals.

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Tours to Palandoken provide an opportunity not only to go skiing, but also to do snowboarding. Nine lifts operating in the resort make rest in Palandoken comfortable and not boring.

2. Rosa Khutor

We have wonderful ski resorts in Russia where you can spend your time actively. In the city of Sochi there is an excellent ski resort "Rosa Khutor". This is a new and modern complex. There is a large ski area here. Hotels for accommodation for every taste and budget. Lots of cafes, restaurants and bars. Wonderful mountain air. Here you can also rent ski equipment and everything for a snowboard. Eight-seat high-speed lifts. The tracks are completely different. Sinuous, narrow and wide. If you are with children, then this resort hosts various events, there is a kids club.

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3. Dombay :

It's an amazing nature, trails - you will swing, every time new sensations, the price tag is worth it, in addition to the trails, after driving a little off the ski itself, you can also arrange a cultural vacation for yourself)) But in any case, at any resort you need to remember, that safety comes first !! Take care of yourself! Successful descents !!!

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