New and Best Profitable Forex Strategies. A video is attached to each trading system, which discusses in detail all the nuances of trading on it. You can download both the training video and the files of the strategies themselves for free and without registration. Here you will find both intraday and medium-term (for daily charts) Forex strategies. Please note that, as a rule, the review provides links to additional materials, knowledge of which is necessary for correct and profitable trading on a particular Forex strategy.

Strategy "Against the Crowd" - we trade like market makers

Always look for the fool when making a deal. If you dont find it, then its you.
Mark Cuban
Has it ever happened to you: the price did not reach just a couple of points to the take profit and turned around?
Or took your stop and then continued moving in the direction you wanted? I think this has happened more than once.

Most strategies take into account price and time ( chart ), but forget about people, about other traders . In this video we will take a look at the terminals of other traders and build trading tactics based on this information, we will play in the almighty sharks of the market.

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Hello fellow forex traders!
The published topic will be of interest to adherents of indicator-free analysis and Price Action tactics . Beginners should also pay attention to the article, after reading which they will receive a kind of "weapon of retaliation" used for intraday trading .
The strategy is based on a pattern discovered by Massimiliano Scorpio, an Italian technical analyst and senior bank trader, called Key Reversal Zones. How effective this pattern is, we learn from this material.

Toby Krabel's Seven Day Ranges

Many of you are familiar with the work of Larry Williams and Linda Raschke , short-term traders who have become legends for their art of showing 5-digit annual strategy returns. Despite different approaches to the market, both applied in their trading systems the principles of Toby Krabel, which allow predicting future strong movements on almost any instrument.
Today we will analyze his most famous strategy - "Breakout of the opening range", specially adapted for Forex.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, forex traders!
Today we are going to talk about a very interesting mouse tail strategy.
This is a simple breakout strategy for GBPUSD that will take just a couple of minutes a day. You can trade using this strategy even from a smartphone , since no indicators are used. In my opinion, this is very important, since mobile trading takes up to 50% of the total volume of open positions with brokers .
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Trending TS Beat The Market - conquer the market within the day

Have you ever wondered how Forex is different from other markets?
Currencies, of course, have trends, but most of the time these are still zigzag movements, subject to a return to the average. It is on this idea that the precise intraday strategy of Beat The Market, which will be discussed today, is built.

It is a combination of channel and trend trading that takes the best of the two.

See also: Wide range of InstaForex technical indicators.

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The strategy of the single-handed trader moving the Nikkei 225

I would like to touch upon the topic of pair trading, which is popular in Forex among beginners . Many of them notice the synchronous (identical) movement of currency pairs , quickly thinking about the possibility of capitalizing on the divergences of such movements.

In this case, the profit is made by the tactics of shorting one asset and simultaneously taking a long position on another instrument with a positive correlation, or one-way deals with a negative one. Therefore, the strategy was called pair trading, although in the case of currencies, two transactions can be replaced with one by trading cross pairs.

Many resources describe the danger of pair trading or quasi-arbitrage, but there are always exceptions to each rule. There is a person in the Forex market trading this strategy with proven profit. Not possessing and not striving for knowledge of the intricacies of the science of trading, he gained hundreds of thousands of followers, got into the business press and was honored with an article on Wikipedia .

Let's take a look at how the famous CIS trader from Japan trades and analyze his strategy for USDJPY and Nikkei 225 index.
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"Equalizer" - a strategy for trading shock days on Forex

Hello fellow traders! Have you ever noticed that the price, having passed a certain number of points in a trading day, seems to fizzle out, as if it ran out of gas?
Today we are going to talk about one interesting trading tactic called "Equalizer" , which, due to its specificity, is not widely known and popular on Forex. However, the famous trader Larry Williams had a hand in its creation.
The approach is easy to use and does not require the use of technical indicators. And the time that needs to be spent on trading can be as little as 10 minutes a day ...
Strategy overview
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Forex Margin Zones or How to Predict Price Movements

Hello fellow traders and readers who are not indifferent to the topic of trading on the Forex market ! After the release of the article about Open Interest in currency options and futures, which described a trading strategy for analyzing the volume of positions in derivatives, a question arose in the comments about margin zones.
The tactics are interesting because they are based on real data and the peculiarities of the currency futures market. It combines two trading methods - based on short-term and medium-term analysis of resistance / support and breakout levels . The latter term is unique, as is the trading tactics that define the areas of least resistance to the trend .

The article presents alternative material, without intersections with the strategies for using margin zones set out on the Internet. The construction and operation of the levels is justified from the point of view of traders of currency options on the CME Chicago Exchange.
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The Philosopher Strategy - Zen and the Art of W1 Trading

Have you ever thought looking at the charts that you were missing something? One small detail that you just didn't notice. After all, everything is much easier than they want to make us believe. It is on this detail that the trading system is built , which will be discussed today.

Today we will talk about a very interesting Philosopher strategy. Even from the name it is clear that this vehicle is for those who have understood something in this life and are no longer in a hurry.

Greetings to all forex traders! This time we will talk about mobile forex , namely about the methods of trading when you are away from a stationary computer, namely with the help of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc. Indeed, in our time, you can use the entire arsenal of Forex strategies and indicators , even outside the home.

Let's get started. If you carry a Windows laptop or tablet with you everywhere, then I think everything is clear: just install Metatrader in the same way as on your home PC and trade. The purpose of this article is to highlight the terminals designed specifically for mobile operating systems, as well as alternative methods of trading using portable devices. In general, trading from smartphones and tablets is possible in 3 ways:

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1. Using special mobile terminals
2. Through a connection to a VPS server
3. Through an online service, through a browser.

Accordingly, the article will be divided into three parts, where we will consider each method separately. Of course, you can also call the broker and, having named the phone password, open / close transactions by phone, but I think no one will have any problems with this.

Mobile terminals for Forex trading
Below we will analyze the trading platforms for the main operating systems on modern devices, namely for Ios and Android. I am aware that there are still Windows Phone, Symbian and Blackberry (a dead platform, but the people still have phones), but they are not widespread and I simply do not have devices on these platforms, so I will not mention them here. And I will immediately answer the question that is asked quite often: How to install additional indicators and advisors in a mobile terminal? The answer is: NO . You can only use the tools that the developers have added to the program.

Metatrader 4

MetaQuotes has released Metatrader 4 for Ios . The application is slowly but developing. There is a version for iPad , many graphical analysis capabilities have been implemented, but a lot is still missing. There is a chart (candles, bars, lines), indicators, opening / closing orders. Working with orders is done in a fairly convenient form. It is interesting that the MT4 application is unified - you do not need to download the version for your broker, the program has the ability to select any DC and the corresponding trading server. Those. you can immediately log into a real account and trade. I checked - it works.

Metatrader 5

A poorly growing application from metaquotas. It differs from MT4 in the absence of some options and a slightly modified interface. It seems that the program was abandoned. But nothing, wait and see, maybe the meta-quotas will remember this terminal and in the future we will see some differences from the four.
  • Android
  • Metatrader 4/5
  • These terminals for android are a complete tracing of the versions for Ios (see above).
  • For technical analysis, it is also convenient to use the Trade Interceptor application , which is available for both Ios and Android.

See also: Wide range of InstaForex technical indicators.

Connecting to VPS Server from Mobile Devices
Vps server is a remote Windows computer with uninterruptible power supply and the Internet. Allows you to install MT4 terminals on it and they will work even when your PC is disconnected. Modern portable devices allow you to connect to a VPS and perform actions (for example, open deals) directly from the screen of a mobile phone or tablet.

1. Install the VPS server .
2.With the help of special software, we connect to our server directly from the smartphone.
3. We get the opportunity to use any indicators, advisors, scripts, etc. in trading. without having a stationary PC at hand.
If you do not want to limit yourself in Forex trading tools, then using the VPS + smartphone / tablet combination will be the best option for you.
List of programs for connecting to a remote desktop (VPS):
For IOS:
Team Viewer
Itap RDP client
For Android
see here (section "Remote access and PC control")
Online Clients for Forex Trading
Many brokers provide the ability to trade directly from the browser. You go to a special page, enter your username / password and get the opportunity to make transactions through a secure connection and even carry out a simple technical analysis on the charts (the functionality of online trading depends on the specific broker). All this can naturally come in handy only if you are somewhere far from your PC and you urgently need to check / close positions from, say, an Internet cafe or from a computer of friends. You can also enter such a service from any mobile phone without installing additional software - this is also a definite plus.
Not so long ago, a Web-version of Metatrader appeared , the functionality is very limited, but you can trade.

It is also worth noting the popular TradingView service designed for technical analysis. Those. you can perform analysis in this service, and trade directly from the mobile terminal.