How to make perfect use of the market...?

In forex trading, your trades are as good as your entries, so the first step to a successful trade is your entry point and this is where many traders cannot get a good or perfect entry depending on the trading style or model, the type and model The way a scalper enters a trade will very different from the way traders trade for a long time. Obviously, if you are trading long term, your trading analysis will be charting long term charts daily or even weekly, this means that to start you obviously need to go deeper into short or short charts i.e. H to avoid paying out which in some cases can even stop your stop loss before the market moves in your direction. Pending orders are used to wait for the market.

Achieving a perfect market entry, i.e. placing an open position and starting to move in one's favor without seeing minus or minus against one, is a huge problem in forex trading. It is so difficult that it takes a lot of effort to do constant technical analysis to achieve it. The truth is that a trader may not always get perfect entries, but some steps can be taken to update them.

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Market trend:

In forex trading in the market, a trend is a directed price movement over a certain period of time. It is very easy to understand with the help of candlestick charts, when we draw trend lines we can easily distinguish bullish and bearish trends. Prices do not move in one direction, there is always a temporary recession, which in turn translates into higher growth rates in the price zigzag. When there is a bullish and bearish uptrend, to determine the direction of the trend, the iterator draws a line through the low levels. when there is an uptrend in the forex market you should refrain.

Unpredictability Of The Market

It just so happens that regardless of the known instrument, the market seems smarter than the trader. It can be difficult for a trader to determine the actual price at which the current market trend should end. One can only find possible areas where this will happen. Forecasts and predictions can ultimately go wrong as market psychology can surprise their traders. The market can do whatever it wants so the thought of such a simple approach should always be on the trader's mind.

Technical tools:

Once you determine the market trend, you need to use technical tools to determine the best entry points. Therefore, when the market is trending up, you can draw an uptrend line below the higher lows because every time the price hits the uptrend again, it can be a good buy signal and you can open a trade. However, when the price is away from the trend line, you can use resistance levels and support lines to determine the best entry point to open a buy trade. This means that during an uptrend, you should wait for the price to break through a strong resistance line and close above it to open a buy, or for the price to retest a strong support line to open a buy deal. The opposite is true for a downtrend.

Have a good strategy:

If you have a strategy that gives you a very high level of accuracy, it will help you get into the market in the right place. One of the reasons people rush into this market is because they don't have a good strategy to trust. Taking a loss can be very scary because your strategy doesn't provide you with a better entry point.

Use only practised pair:

Don't trade with a partner you don't recognize as behavior.
Limit trading to pairs who can understand the behavior. While there are many pairs to trade, many of them are unpredictable. You find that the price is exceeding the established resistance and support. That way, you will keep good records.


This is no less important and most important, traders who are patient in training will have good trading knowledge that will help in making decisions, traders who are also patient in analyzing and executing the market will not make mistakes in the market.

Perfect entry is a major challenge:

The main challenge for forex traders is to assume that they can get perfect entries, the idea of ​​perfection does not exist in the forex market until we understand it adequately, it will affect our performance for a very long time. The only way to have a very good entry into the forex market so that you can practice regularly there are many traders who don't know where to pull the trigger, this is one of the biggest challenges facing many people today. market, in order to increase your entry into the forex market, you actually need to change your perception of the perfect entry. The reason for this is that you can experience a high level of uncertainty and this can automatically prevent you from entering a very high level of accuracy.

Do Not Trade What You Think:

This setup may not be a perfect start as market trends are in line with analysis rather than assumptions. So when an open position moves against a trader, it means their technical analysis is not thorough enough to understand the psychology of the market. Therefore, traders can avoid positioning positions based on the possibility that the upcoming news will have a major impact on the market.