These technical indicators are only explicit means to judge the future trend of stock prices. What are the factors that affect stock prices? So in this article I will explain the factors that cause stock prices to change. After understanding these factors, to a certain extent, we will analyze the risk of loss caused by these factors can be avoided, let us understand the specific content of these factors below.

In the following content, we will mainly talk about five factors: economics, politics, the company itself, industry market, investor psychology and other factors. We also need to talk about the specific impact of some factors on stock prices?

Economic factors:
Mainly speaking from two aspects, for the stock market we often call it a barometer of the social economy, mainly because the stock market changes with changes in the economic cycle, but the stock market changes generally earlier than Economic changes are mainly due to the degree of investors' attention to the entire market. Once they find signs of recession in the economic market, stock prices will fall.
  • Economic prosperity period: Generally, at this time, the overall trend of the entire stock market is rising.
  • Economic recession period: vice versa, this is the overall market situation of the stock market is not very good, in a state of decline.