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The HAS MTF Hedge Forex Robot has been in service the longest and is our flagship model. The results on our performance page were a result of the hedging features being disabled. Hedging is purely optional and allowed only in certain countries. Works on all time frames and currencies to give you the most possible trades. Get one today and let it start trading for you. Available for immediate download online.

Our Forex robot runs on any computer. You simply load the robot on any number of currency pairs of your choice and walk away. This robot can trade an unlimited number of currencies all at the same time. The robot executes 100% of all your trading decisions (buys & sells) without any human intervention whatsoever.

Anyone with a Internet connection and a computer can use the robot. Any Forex broker that supports Meta trader 4 charting software is all that is needed. The majority of all our customers are new to Forex and need our products to help them with their trading. You will be up and running on your way in only minutes. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?

Why go through a steep learning curve and make costly mistakes? Why not take advantage of years of trial and error and start using our system. Trading with our robot is like having a Forex master on your side. Our robot can trade any currency, commodity, stocks, and monitor all 8 time frames instantaneously !

The ROBOT is fully automatic

Places all your trades for you without any human intervention

1. The only Forex robot with intelli-switch that automatically changes settings.
2. Automatically searches for counter trends between the monthly and 5 minute timeframes.
3. Self checking logic when/if you set an input incorrectly.
4. User adjustable to set to trigger on closed or unclosed candles!
5. Ability to enter on Alert or Alert -1 TF color change (closed or unclosed candles).
6. Optional enter on a fresh signal when EA is first turned on (switchable).
7. Money management trades a % of your equity balance.
8. Intelligent lot fractional sizing based on what broker you use.
9. Take profit with fixed pip amounts that you decide for each timeframe.
10.Take profit can be selected to use % ATR for each individual timeframe.
11. All TP and SL are invisible to broker. (no hunting allowed).
12. A safety SL & TP can be set as a fail safe if power is lost (will be displayed to broker).
13. Partial close option to take 1/2 profit automatically when TP is reached.
14. Stop loss can be set at a fixed pip amount or % of ATR.
15. Trailing stop loss feature is available.
16 Trailing stop trigger and pip step amount fully adjustable.
17. Broker spread widening detection option to halt entries if spread widens by "x" pip amount.
18. Trading hours only available to trade based on your times you choose.
19. All text is font size and color adjustable.
20. Three different de-bug inputs to analyze all your backtesting and forward trading!
21. Upper TF feature to use as a filter for trading desired TF to help avoid head fakes.
22. Break even setting with a guaranteed lock in pip amount.
23. Ability to take full profits when TP target is triggered with color change based on choice of timeframes.
24. Ability to take 1/2 profit when TP target is triggered and let other half run up until color change on choice of timeframe.
25. Superb labels displaying on screen what the EA is doing inside to understand what is going on.
26. Superb labels displaying int & ext SL & TP, curr DD, Max profit, Max DD and much more!
27. Intelligent analysis to determin to close out a set #1 set-up in favor of entering back in with a set #2 set-up and visa versa..
28. Can be set-up to disallow new trades on Friday at your preferred time.
29. Can also close out open trades on Friday to go flat before the weekend at your preferred time.
30. Along with the above feature you can have the robot automatically close out all open trades every "X" # of days.
31. Automatically detects when market changes from trending to ranging and switches into a different mode using pre-determined settings to trade the new market effectively!
32. The robot has the ability to place hedge trades automatically.
33. New feature that places a seperate trade in the direction of the counter trend.
34. New feature to recognize automatically if the market has changed after entering on set #1 or set #2 and automatically close out the position. The robot will then re-enter on the opposite set-up to trade the current market efficiently.

Binary Trading Robot is one of the coolest automated trading robots on the trading market today. Based on my research, I found that these robots can automatically trade currency pairs, stock assets and indices using binary options platforms. Binary Trading Robot has just become popular because trading results are always big gains and with low possibility of danger. Robots like this analyze market facts and get information from signals and graphs to make sophisticated trades. There are loads of unique features of Binary Trading Robot like a cash match bonus for binary account, no VPS require, 100% Automated trading, and one feature I liked a lot is it even operates when your computer is away.

At the present time, a large number of traders have been using binary options. I tell you, Binary Options trading is fundamentally amazing! However, you may find it difficult to make profitable trades especially if you are not an expert in the financial market. So, this is the moment when we can really enjoy it well if we are using Binary Trading Robot. You are not required to be an expert or experienced professional in making use of these bots. There is no need for extra software, a trader does not need to have any technical experience, nor to learn complex trading theories and, above all, you do not need to sit in front of the computer all the time.
Binary Turbo Robot uses greatly improved risk and money management strategies that do not risk more than 5% of the account on any type of transaction. He also has a feature set and doesn't mind settings that don't require hours of change. The drawdown is only 2.83%, which can be considered very low. It uses an innovative partial loss technology. This unfinished stop loss technology ensures that when this Binary Turbo software makes a trade, it takes the first opportunities to start closing parts of the trade to keep your main venture safe. It then continues to take advantage of market profits gradually, providing maximum profit potential with only a small fraction of the usual risk!

Stock market trading attracts many. This is understandable. The opportunity to earn a lot of money with minimal investment - has always been a tempting business. However, not all so simple. 90% of traders "drain" because of the psychological factor and emotions. It's so hard to keep yourself in check and have a cold head when the price is about to lick your stop. Well, in fact - you are not a robot for playing on the stock exchange .

It is not easy to navigate the world of trading. And there are many questions that you need to be ready for answers to.

What is the algorithm? What's the strategy? If only to recoup, after all, Maybach is almost mine !!! ". And you carry a wave of impulse to a catastrophic negative.
What should novice traders do in this case? Even if experienced players cannot always restrain themselves andfollow the algorithm.

It is worth mentioning here the need to constantly increase the knowledge base and test it in practice. This, together with self-control and discipline, will make you feel confident in the market.

You can still try to curb yourself, strictly strictly controlling all your actions. You can install risk management on your computer. He will definitely not allow you to break the wood and waste your last money. Or you can start trading with a robot that is not subject to emotions and always follows the algorithm .

According to stock statistics, about 50% of transactions are made by robots. And this is the data for "yesterday".

Try Forex indicators in MT4 with $ No Deposit Bonus now!

"Robots work in - happy man!" Comrade Syroezhkin from "Adventures of Electronics" was right. Trading with robots is gaining tremendous momentum and promises unprecedented profits to its owners. Hmm,forex bots, interesting. ..Maybe I should get one too? And if in more detail ...

An exchange bot is a computer program with an established trading algorithm , your guide to the market . It is automated and independently trades on the stock exchange. By asking his options - kogda to open or close a position, to put a stop, record profits, etc ..

Robots are used in such stock markets as FOREX, FORTS, CME. Pobots operate in two modes: automatic and semi-automatic.

Having chosen the first mode, you simply observe its actions. The participation of a trader is not required here, everything happens according to a certain predetermined algorithm. But the responsibility for the result of the trades still lies with the player who installed the program.

If you choose the second mode, then the bot's function is to send a signal and recommendations to open or close a deal. And you yourself must make the decision.

The profitability of trading robots is expressed not only in financial terms, but also in temporary terms. They can make a profit around the clock, because a computer program does not know fatigue.

Main advantages of the exchange works:

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1) The ability to do your own thing, to work, and not "stare" at the charts until the eyes hurt. You can safely go on vacation or spend time with your family while the robot actively increases your capital for you .
2) No emotional overload and psychological pressure during trading. After all, constant trading is a great stress for a trader. You just enjoy life and the movement on the stock exchange is only a joy to you.
H) The robot always follows the algorithm exactly and does not deviate from it . Unlike you with your indecision , speculation and expectations about the trend.
4) And finally, as soon as a signal is received to conclude a deal, the robot reacts instantly. Such a speed of reaction, tracking information and its processing is available to not everyone.

But any, even a gold medal, has a downside. No matter how ideal the robot is, trading on the exchange with the help of robots has its "drawbacks":
1) He has no mental flexibility and may react incorrectly to a sudden change in trend. There have never been situations when there was a sharp rise in the dollar against the ruble, many problems could not cope with their task. Traders were losing money.
2) When using the robot, the organizers are forced to pay a monthly fee. This is in addition to the brokerage commission.
3) The need for regular updating of the program, since it is necessary to follow the development of the market.

A forex trading robot will provide a trader with a profit in a short period. The installed program will process data on a variety of charts and give a recommendation or independently execute a transaction on a currency pair at the optimal time.

The main advantage of smart assistants is the automatic selection of the best conditions for the operation in order to reduce losses. This is especially important if the trend direction is not visible visually.

In MetaTrader 4 there is a free library of robots and indicators - Code Base . You can get acquainted with 950 robots and choose any of 2000 indicators. Download the ones you like and start trading.

On the Tradematic platform , you can purchase a ready-made trading strategy or create your own. It is designed for beginners in trading, has a pleasant interface and is easy to manage.

On various sites, you can simply buy a trading robot . The price ranges from $ 350 to $ 5,000, depending on how sophisticated the robot is.

Another option is to find a good programmer who will create such a robot based on your trading system. Just be careful, choose a specialist carefully. An unscrupulous person, having gained access to your system, can use it for their own purposes.

There are different types of robots. These can be automatic and semi-automatic systems. Automatic, respectively, after setting and launching, they trade in a fully automatic mode. Semi-automatic trading robots determine entry and exit points, stop-loss levels, and so on, but the final decision on trading actions is made by the trader.

Also, helper scripts can be considered a kind of robots. They can close several positions at the same time, automatically place orders or stop losses.

There are indicator robots that, as the name suggests, trade based on information from indicators presented on the trading floor, or based on proprietary indicators. These can be stochastic, moving averages, Bollinger Bands or oscillators like RSI and so on. Technically, this is probably the easiest way to trade, although it is more effective in a calm market.

Indicator-free robots trade, for example, by price dynamics, candlestick and bar patterns, trading time, news, and so on. Such robots can fail when the price dynamics change rapidly.

Robots differ in the implemented strategy - Martingale, scalping, trend, news, combined and others.

An Expert Advisor based on the Martingale principle doubles the lot after each losing trade. It is quite risky to trade with a robot that works on this principle, you need to have a significant deposit, but at the same time you need to trade initially only the amount that can be lost - this is very likely on Martingale.

A robot implementing a scalping strategy determines the moment of an impulse, enters a trade and exits as soon as there are signs of an impulse termination. Trading usually takes place on small timeframes. The robot determines entry points by indicators or patterns. This is a high-frequency strategy, so most traders start with small bets, and often trade in small lots throughout the trading period. Despite the seeming simplicity, this method is suitable for experienced traders, since it is very easy to lose money.

Arbitrage robots, as the name suggests, trade based on information from different brokers. The bottom line is that a broker can be slow or fast, the robot must have time to see the price change from a fast broker and place an order in the same direction from a slow broker. To do this, a trader must have a fast Internet, a powerful computer, trading must be carried out during the greatest liquidity at the auction. Brokers do not welcome this type of trading, and besides, it is a technically difficult type of trading. However, there are robots that specialize in arbitrage.
Trend robots trade based on the definition of a trend line and trade using it. The robot opens a relatively small number of trend trades. The robot uses indicators. The problem is that there are no unambiguous criteria for a trend change. Most often, trend advisors are used for trading in a volatile period; in a calm market, they can be unprofitable.

There are other types of robots, for example, neural robots that must learn themselves and predict price movements based on past events and news robots programmed to trade on important events.

The task of any robot and advisor is to save the trader from routine work and automate those processes that can be automated. Such work makes up, say, 90% of a trader's activity, but only 10% are effective. This 10% includes studying the market situation and developing an effective strategy. But the robot must implement it.

What is the difference between forex robots and advisors?
When describing programmable assistants, traders often do not distinguish between a robot and an Expert Advisor. But there is a difference between them. Trading robots are designed for fully automated work; all trading actions are included in their program. But such applications are not welcomed by all brokers, and therefore working with such robots is rather risky.

Advisors are robots that only indicate the expected price movement, they do not do the work for the trader, but only simplify the decision-making and speed up the trader's actions. And they are invisible to brokers.

But when downloading a robot or an advisor on the Internet, you need to clarify which is which. Developers and analysts do not pay much attention to the difference between these types of applications, calling robots advisors and vice versa. You also need to clarify whether a paid or free robot or an advisor, this is not always clear from the description.

See also: Wide range of InstaForex technical indicators.

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Forex robot market overview
Paid Robots Review

The choice of robots for trading in the forex market is great. Many of them have been working in the forex market for many years and are regularly updated. Consider the most commonly used robots, taking into account a sufficient number of positive reviews.

One of these robots is the paid Forex Flex EA. . He is considered a fairly advanced robot that can be configured to implement many strategies. Works with currency pairs GBP / USD, USD / JPY, USD / CAD, USD / CHF, EUR / USD, AUD / USD, EUR / JPY, EUR / CHF, EUR / GBP, EUR / AUD. The robot user manages the capital himself, the robot only helps by predicting the price movement using indicators.

Platform: Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5.
Currency pairs: multicurrency advisor.
Working hours: around the clock.
Timeframe: h2, M15, there are additional settings.
Strategies: 12 strategies are used.
Trading type: according to the information of the indicators.

Forex Hero is a fully automated paid Expert Advisor, which is considered to be high-risk, since its work is based on the Martingale principle and uses the Depth of Market for scalping. Therefore, it is preferred by traders with a small deposit to work with brokers with a minimum spread. There are many sites on the Internet where you can download this robot, you just need to check how safe they are.

Platform: Metatrader 4.
Currency pairs: multicurrency advisor.
Timeframe: M15.
Working hours: around the clock.
Strategies: scalping on a small deposit.
Trading type: Martingale.

The basis of the Trend a Lot paid robot algorithm is Demark trend lines (TD lines), which the robot builds independently on the price chart. The deal is concluded on the breakdown of the support or resistance line. It is not recommended on too small timeframes due to the large number of false signals. The trader must also be able to correctly determine the trading parameters, since the robot sets stop losses on its own.

Platform: Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5.
Assets: any.
Trading type: Demark lines.

The same information about the success of this robot has been replicated in different Internet sources for years (this is also true for many other robots). Therefore, it is better to check its work on a demo account yourself. Trend Scraper (Broker Hacker) is a fully automatic paid trading robot based on moving averages. It is considered one of the easiest to set up and use, but is not very profitable, so it is recommended to set it up for several currency pairs. The disadvantage is also the lack of profit during the flat period.

Platform: Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5.
Assets: any.
Strategy: finding pivot points, opening deals on a reversal.
Trading type: moving averages.

Forex Combo System is a paid robot that implements four strategies - scalping, trading against the trend, breakout trading in narrow price channels, flat trading - individually or in combination. The Expert Advisor functions only on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The Expert Advisor is not considered highly profitable, but it is stable in operation.

Platform: Metatrader 4.
Currency pairs: EUR / USD, GBP / USD.
Timeframe: M5.
Working hours: around the clock.
Trading type: your own algorithm.

KeltnerPro is a forex advisor that trades in accordance with the price trend, opening trades on short timeframes in the direction of the trend. The robot determines the trend using the Keltner indicator. It is believed that KeltnerPro works more efficiently in a highly volatile market. Traders pay attention to the fact that when working with this Expert Advisor, it is especially important to learn how to set stop losses, otherwise the robot will quickly lead to losses.

Platform: Metatrader 4.
Currency pairs: multicurrency advisor.
Timeframe: M5 / M15.
Working hours: around the clock.
Strategies: half scalping.
Trading type: Keltner channels.

It is also worth noting Wall Street Forex Robot ( - a robot designed primarily for a scalping strategy on the EUR / USD pair, but can also be used for other pairs. Trades based on information provided by CCI, ATR, Williams Percent Range, moving averages.

The free CashProfit robot trades based on the market situation and immediately places stop-losses when there is a threat of losing funds. This attracts novice traders. The EA works most effectively on a 15-minute timeframe when trading EUR / USD. It is not difficult to download this robot on the Internet, but you need to
check the sources and test in any case.

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Platform: Metatrader 4.
Currency pairs: EUR / USD and others.
Timeframe: M15 and others.

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Working hours: around the clock.
Strategies: scalping, counter-trading, pullbacks, flat.
Trading type: according to its own algorithm.
Free download.

Cobra is a free robot that is considered to be effective for high volatility market. The work of the Cobra advisor is based on a moving average, according to which the advisor determines the trend and places orders, the lots are calculated automatically. It is believed that it is optimal to work with the base currencies for the robot on the basic settings. Searching and downloading the robot is not difficult.

Platform: Metatrader 4.
Currency pairs: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY.
Timeframe: M1- h2.
Working hours: around the clock.
Strategies: by deviation from the moving average.
Trading type: Martingale.
Free download.

The free Gepard robot , based on the analysis of Stochastic, Parabolic SAR, CCI and other indicators, information from the trader's portfolio, searches for points to enter trades. The robot is able to hedge positions in case of a trend reversal. There are many parameters in the list of robot settings, which makes it difficult to configure. Searching and downloading the robot is not difficult, you need to check the version and sources.

Platform: Metatrader 4.
Currency pairs: multicurrency.
Timeframe: 15 to 1.
Working hours: around the clock.
Strategies: scalping, correction.
Trading type: by several indicators.
Free download.

Golden Profit Auto is a free robot, whose work is based on the Martingale algorithm, opens many trades on a strong movement, which can be unprofitable. Therefore, it is recommended to have a large deposit to work with this robot. When working with Golden Profit Auto, a stable Internet connection is important for the smooth operation of the advisor. You can find and download it on the Internet, you need to check the sources.

Platform: Metatrader 4.
Currency pairs: GBP / USD and others.
Timeframe: M30.
Working hours: around the clock.
Trading type: Martingale.
Free download.

Experienced traders do not advise to build all their trading only on robots. The market is very volatile and the bot may not react to a sudden change in trend. You can always make money on the exchange, both with and without a robot. As they say, there would be a desire.