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Thread: 10 Largest States in USA

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    Default 10 Largest States in USA

    10 Largest States in USA

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    Most people would say that they love wide-open spaces. Who wants to feel squished in a teeny yard? Whats funny is that people pay a lot more to live all squishy than they do in areas with way more elbow room. Over time, weve romanticized the wild frontier living off the land, roaming free without a care in the world.

    A long time ago hardly anyone wanted to live in a big city. There was so much to explore and now kids cant even pull themselves off the couch and put down their phones for five minutes. Anyways, were going to look at the biggest states in America, learn a few facts about them too. As youll see these states are large and in charge of having a lot of room to grow.

    Obviously, when you are looking at a map you can tell where all the biggest states are. Its just a matter of which ones are the biggest. Its actually kind of close. Lets start with the first one:


    Wyoming is our 10th biggest state in the USA, the 11th biggest state is Michigan which is only 0.03 smaller than Wyoming is. Thats close, that is like the size of Jacksonville Florida. So if you balance the City of Jacksonville on the end of Michigans thumb it would be the 10th biggest state.

    Wyoming is also the least populated state - which means theres hardly anyone for miles and miles. There are only six people per square mile. To put it into perspective how hardly populated Wyoming is if you wanted to drive to get a burrito in Wyoming the average driver would be about a hundred miles. We came to that determination because there are 62 total Mexican joints in the cowboy state. Its a big place Wyoming is, big and vast. There are parks and a whole lot of national forests and its pretty dry and hard to get resources. Some people have to have water trucked in and thats expensive, but its definitely one of the last places where you can be a real pioneer in America.

    Wyoming should definitely be on your relocation list, maybe you know this, maybe you dont, but most of Yellowstone, the first national park in the world, lies within the borders of Wyoming established in 1872, 44 years before there was a National Park Service. The park hosts nearly 4 million visitors every year. People come from all over the world to get a glimpse of Yellowstones majesty and its unique ecosystem.


    Name: Oregon.JPG Views: 24 Size: 67.0 KB

    Oregon sure is big. Its just a teeny bit bigger than Wyoming, in fact, when you look at them side-by-side you can hardly tell the difference. If youve added the city of Houston to Wyoming maybe it would be the 9th biggest state. An additional perspective is this - the smallest state is Rhode Island which is only 1,500 square miles. You could fit 63 Rhode Islands into Oregon.

    Oregon is actually bigger than Great Britain and by quite a bit, and its bigger than Iceland. Like Wyoming, theres still a pioneering spirit in Oregon where folks in many areas especially the eastern half of the state still live like men, and then youve got a bunch of crybabies in Portland who couldnt last a day without their organic lattes.

    Oregon Trail was the destination of the famous and historic American trail that stretched for 3,490 kilometers from Independence Missouri to Oregon City. From the early 1830s, the Oregon Trail was used by about 400,000 settlers, farmers, ranchers, and business owners and their families.


    If you wanted to drive the perimeter of Colorado, lets say to compare pot prices, it would take you a long time. Colorado is three hundred and eighty (380) miles long and two hundred and eighty (280) miles wide. Thats 1,320 miles at 70 miles an hour. That would take an entire day to drive all the way around the state one time. Colorado is about the same size as New Zealand.

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    Of course, Colorado people are pretty tough like Miller drinkers, which was the best drinking alcohol before they say, especially in wintertime.

    Colorado is home to an incredible ancient relic, the Meza where the National Park features an elaborate four-story city carved in the cliffs by the ancestral Pueblo people. The park contains some 4,300 sites including 600 cliff dwellings, the most spectacular one being the cliff palace. No one is sure why this place was abandoned but it is thought that the main reason is a series of megadroughts that interrupted food production.


    Name: Nevada.JPG Views: 29 Size: 45.9 KB

    Nevada is 110,567 square miles big. It is only 9th lowest in terms of population density where there are about 26 people per square mile but if youve ever been in Nevada, its pretty much one in three people in the Las Vegas metro area, a few people in Reno, and then huge stretches of desert and mountain where you wont see anybody for days. Thats nothing compared to the vastness that is the desert of Australia, in fact, you could plop down about 12 or 13 of that as inside the desert of Australia and still have room for about a hundred casinos, and wonder how many casinos you could fit into this entire state. So the average casino size in Las Vegas is about 1.5 million square feet, which takes into account the average square footage of the gaming floor 400 square feet per room and the pools, the conference rooms since each square mile is 27,878,400 feet, that means 1.5 million square feet is 0.05 square miles, which means we could fit 20 Vegas casinos per square mile and 2.2 million of them in the entire state. I bet there are enough Chinese baccarat and PI Gow players alone to keep those casinos filled every weekend.

    In 1940, Nevada had a population of just over 110,000 people and was by far the least-populated state. However, Nevada had a reputation for its Libertarian Laws which brought the legalization of gambling, lenient marriage, and divorce laws. This transformed the state which now has a population of almost 3,000,000 people. Prostitution is also legal except in Carson City and two other counties. There are no individual or corporate income taxes and besides tourism, it makes a ton of money from its gold mines, it is after all the 4th largest producer of gold in the world.


    A big old state just slightly bigger than Nevada and just like many of the states on this list, its a lot of desert and mountains. It looks like its about the size of Germany or North Korea.

    The Grand Canyon in Arizona, which is really big, is 1900 square miles. You could actually fit 60 Grand Canyons into this state. Arizona has always been associated with our wide-open spaces, new frontiers sort of a Wild West kind of place even before that it was all Native Americans. Today, when you look at a map, Arizonas 25% Native American reservations and another 60% are either national forests, national parks, and wildlife preserves. The rest, Metro Phoenix, so Arizona is pretty much ****** land, protected land, and concrete.

    Arizona might not be the most hospitable land in the world. Summer temperatures ranged between 32 and 49 degrees celsius, the highest recorded temperature was 53 celsius, but their lowest in an extreme to minus 40 degrees. To give it an idea of what kind of an environment Arizona is, consider this - since its founding, Phoenixs biggest snowfall measured just 2.5 centimeters and that was almost 100 years ago. But even in these harsh conditions, people have somehow flourished in the region for thousands of years, and today, almost 7 million people call Arizona their home.


    Name: New Mexico.JPG Views: 37 Size: 56.3 KB

    Right next door is an even bigger state which also has a lot of Native American land. New Mexico is only 4% Native American reservations through another interesting fact, New Mexico is only 0.2% water. Thats the lowest percentage of water of any other state. Michigans 41% water as is Hawaii. New Mexico is the 6th least densely populated state where there are just 17 people per square mile. Talk about some wiggle room, if you dont like people, this is your dream.

    Following the victory of the United States in the Mexican American War under the Treaty of Guadalupe in 1848, Mexico ceded its mostly unsettled northern holdings today known as the American Southwest plus California to the United States of America. The US vow to accept the residents' claim to their lands and to accept them as full citizens with rights of suffrage. This acquisition of territory and residents resulted in Mexicans legally being classified as white since at the time in most of the Southern United States only Whites could vote.

    Contrary to popular belief, New Mexico was not named as the present-day nation of Mexico. The region received its name long before the present-day nation won independence from Spanish in 1821. Spanish explorers recorded this region as nuevo Mexico in 1563 and again in 1581 hoping to find their wealthy Mexican ****** cultures similar to those of the Aztec or Mexica Empire of the valley of Mexico.

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    So now, were getting some really big states now. Montana is not messing around. Yes, its just a big boy.

    Montana was slowly covered and explored by Euro-Americans in the early 1800s. Before that, the area was sparsely populated by Native American ****** tribes. Following the Lewis and Clark expedition, fur traders pretty much represented the largest white population in the area. However, after the first gold was discovered in 1852 miners started settling in the area heavily. This sudden increase of white Euro-Americans has led to some conflicts with the local Native Americans, but many of these conflicts were solved by creating separate ****** reservations.

    Its not hard to figure out why the state is called Montana, it has a lot of mountains. Montana comes from the Spanish word Montaña. There are about 100 or so mountain rages in the State, most of which are part of the Rocky Mountains, even so, 60% of the land is covered by prairies that belonged to the northern Great Plains. This state is also big, its in fact the largest of the landlocked states and the 4th largest overall after Alaska, Texas, and California. Its slightly larger than Germany, but while Germany has a population of over 82 million people, Montana is home to only 1 million people. In fact, there are two and a half times more cows in Montana than there are people now.


    California is a really big place and of all the big old states we mentioned, its got the most diversity, both culturally and physically. The coast of California is 840 miles long, to put that into perspective, Pennsylvania, our 17th smallest state, has a whole perimeter, thats about 840 miles. So one side of California is bigger than all four sides of Pennsylvania.

    If California were an independent country, it would be a top layer. It would be the 6th largest economy in the world and the 35th most populous. California is also a global trendsetter in both politics and especially in popular culture. The state is basically the origin of the film industry, the hippie counterculture, the rise of the personal computer, and the internet among many other things.

    The California State Capitol is not what you think. You might expect it to be Los Angeles, Americas second most popular city, or maybe San Francisco, the fifth most populated American City, while the actual capital is Sacramento which to be fair is also one famous city, but since were on this topic, these three cities arent the only well-known ones. Other famous California cities are San Diego, San Jose, Long Beach, and Beverly Hills to name a few, and theres a bonus, the original Disneyland is also in Anaheim, California.


    Name: Texas.JPG Views: 23 Size: 59.1 KB

    This is one big state. To put into perspective how wide Texas is, it would take up lots of places if you stuck it out east. But while just about every other state, except California on this list, are all basically really empty in many parts, Texas is full, it's a big vast sweeping landscape in many parts but jam-packed with five or our nations 15 biggest cities, and its growing fast.

    10% of Texas is actually desert, there are 10 climatic regions in this, the second-largest US state and thus the landscape varies accordingly. The Gulf coastal plains are mostly covered by thick piney woods and the inner lowlands are covered by hilly forested lands, the list goes on with prairies, steppes, desert, grasslands but the diversity of Texas isnt just geographical. Demographically, its one of Americas most diverse states - German, Czech, Spanish, English, Vietnamese, or Chinese are historically common languages, and lets not forget French, Hindi, Arabic, Korean, Urdu, or Cherokee.

    Texas has a lot of well-known cities while their capital is Austin, its probably not the most famous. Houston, the fourth-largest US city is a much more popular name known by virtually anyone no matter where they live. One possible reason is that NASAs Johnson Space Center is located in the city with its Mission Control Center.


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    Our biggest state is Alaska, no surprise. Alaska is actually two-and-a-half times bigger than Texas measuring from north to south. The state is approximately 2,250 kilometers long and measuring from east to west, its 4,350 kilometers wide. When a scale map of Alaska is superimposed on a map of the lower 48 states, Alaska extends from coast to coast. However, nearly one-third of the state lies within the Arctic Circle.

    Alaska is also the 3rd least populous state with just 742,000 people living there, thats about 25 people per square kilometer, way less than Mongolias 2 people per square kilometer.

    You might not know any Alaskan city but you may have heard of Anchorage. Its the largest city with a population of about 300,000 people. So you might think that this is also the capital of the state but youd be wrong. The capital city is actually Juneau, a city ten times smaller than Anchorage. The site was already home to an indigenous village and cemetery knew today as ****** Point.

    Alaska might be sparsely populated but that means that much of its natural landscape had been left intact. Alaska has some of the greatest landscapes on earth. It is covered by forests, mountains, volcanoes, 3 million lakes, and about half of all the glaciers in the world. Its wildlife is abundant, brown bears, black bears, polar bears, bison, moose, whales, bald eagles, and many more species all inhabit the area in large numbers.


    So heres the list of the 10 biggest states in America together with their size, population, and also their famous cities. Perhaps more than in other countries, The United States has grown leaps and bounds with stable long-term populations and settlement patterns. The United State has developed very different populations across its diverse landscape from the waves of immigration, forced relocation of populations, and colonial border disputes.

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