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Thread: Guidelines on how to avoid post rejection in

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    Default Guidelines on how to avoid post rejection in

    //Note to Administrators:
    I meant to put this thread in this section:

    But it seems that this is not possible for a regular member like me to do it. I request the Administrators to move this thread into that section so people who are looking for this information wont have any difficulty searching for it in the forum. Of course, you can put it anywhere you see fit.// Please delete this line after you move this thread to the appropriate place. Thank you!

    Guidelines on how to avoid post rejection in


    I am making this thread because there are a lot of members in this forum who are having a hard time getting their post Approved so I spent some time writing this guideline to help them. Please keep in mind that this is just a guideline so I do not guarantee that your posts will be approved 100% all the time if you follow what Im going to put in here. I do not work for the forum and at the time Im writing this guide I am not yet a Trusted Member who gets the privilege of getting their posts auto-approved by the system. I do this because I care about the members who are struggling and I also care about the development of the forum. However, I am in no way responsible for any result that you will get, understood?


    This guideline is prepared mainly for the Trading Journal section because I think this is the heart of the forum right now. Before you post, make sure you remember these things:

    Use proper English. The forum is using English as its language so if your main language I highly advise you to learn English. If you dont like it then you will never get any bonus. The forum has rules and this is actually included in the bonus rules. I read somewhere that the broker also has forums in different languages so maybe you can ask the administrator to find the forum that uses your language. If you are interested to learn English you can find it online. Everything is available for free on the internet (Google) or you can also go to Youtube to find series or even tutorials on how to learn English. I recently found a thread when I was searching the forum and I also give a little help there:

    You can learn if you try! If you know your English is not good but you dont want to learn then you will be stuck with Rejected posts forever. Learn or not learn, the choice is yours!

    If your English is not that good then try to use simple sentences. Do not try to use difficult terms or fancy language because you will end up with a confusing post. You can visit the trading journal of other members who frequently got their post Approved. Try visiting mine for a reference:

    If you use a translator then I advise you to use a standard syntax of your native language. Many times, I see people submitting a post and I got confused reading them. I later realized that maybe these people do not have proper English training and use a translator because the posts are not up to the standard. What I mean by a standard syntax of your native language is to try to use the language that you use in school. When you study at school you normally use a formal language than the language that you use when youre playing with your friends at home or outside school. This is because the way a translator works is by taking your standard formal language and translate it into another language in its standard formal format. So if you use street language and use a translator then the result is a confusing English format. This is very important.

    Check your post before submitting and claim the post to be eligible for the quality bonus post campaign. Sometimes you will notice that you made a typo or the sentence is not good or confusing.

    Grammarly app. This app will be helpful for you to check things but only after you follow all the steps I provided above. This app is only an assistant and you should not rely too much on it. You can find tutorials on how to use this app on Youtube. There are tons of tutorials on it.

    A trading journal is a record of a traders journey. It is not a place for anything else. Do not post about the bonus development in a very detailed manner. Yes, you might give a brief update but dont go into details. The Trading Journal rules clearly mentioned this.

    Be professional. From my short experience posting there, I have found that the forum wants your journal to be as professional as you can be. Meaning, do not post about your personal life in it. I once did this and the post of course got rejected.

    Only post your update. This could mean your closed position or the trades that are still running or your pending orders that are still waiting to be executed. Some analysis about your running trade or closed trades will be useful for the readers/ visitors.

    Dont post only your analysis without any update. If you dont have any updates then its better not to post anything in your trading journal. If you only want to post your analysis about EUR/USD or GBP/USD or XAU/USD or others then you better do it in Live Trading Discussion. Many more traders are doing it as I wrote this guideline and I also advise this since some time ago. Go to Live Trading Discussion and search for the currency pair that you want to analyze. Im sure you will find a thread about the currency pair that you want to analyze but if are not able to find it then use a different format like for example if you cant find EUR/ZAR then try to find EURZAR. If you really cant find it then just create a new thread using the correct format for the title of the thread. The major forex pairs are already made sticky by the administration so it wont be hard to find.

    Use proper posting format. Dont use too many font colors and dont use a font size that is very big compared to the rest of the content of your post. Just make your visitors comfortable when reading your post.

    Use proper picture format. If your post doesnt need that many pictures then you can upload it directly to the forum. However, if you need to post more than 5 pictures (chart, account information, balance information, profit/loss information, etc.) for several currency pairs then you must upload it somewhere else and just use the link by using the image tag like this:

    [ I M G ]put your picture's link here and delete the spaces in the img code[ / I M G ]

    Come back and check this guideline to see if you are missing something before you submit your post and claim it.

    Stay positive and be helpful. If your post is rejected it means there is room for improvement. Dont just complain and then do nothing to improve yourself.

    Be thankful if you get a bonus and dont forget to share this with other people that you think need a guide to avoid getting a rejection stamp.

    Always remember that this guide is made to help your post get an approval rating. I do not know how the forum calculates the bonus because the administrators claimed that they are using an automatic system. If you have any complaints about the amount of bonus that you get then you should go directly to the administrators. I do not own the forum so I can not help you with your bonus.

    If any of you have tips on this topic then please share them here. Lets be helpful to other people and Im sure good things will happen to you too.
    Simple trading with me in my trading journal:

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