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    Thread: Why My Posts Are Not Visible? (For New Members & Old Members)

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      My charts talk to me!
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      Default Why My Posts Are Not Visible? (For New Members & Old Members)

      Things you should know:

      - You need to make at least 10 quality posts in the discussion area before you become a member of MT5. Before that the posts you make will not be visible in the forum. A moderator needs to approve your posts, so you need to wait for approval.

      - During validation period you may not be able to access your profile. So you need to complete the 10 post validation requirement.

      - Do not PM the mods or post in their profiles that why your posts are not being shown. If your posts comply with the forum rules then they will show up.

      - Some of the important threads you must read are:

      > Forum Rules
      > Bonus for posting
      > Bonus for posting F.A.Q

      - Do not just open a thread asking a question. Use the search box and you will see most of your questions have been answered already.

      - In case you urgently need your referral link, follow the instructions:

      > Your referral link: http://forum.mt5.com/index.php?referrerid=XXXX
      > See the number below? Replace the XXXX above with that number & that is your referral link.

      - Any question regarding bonus should be discussed here - Bonus for your posts. Do not open a new thread asking a question.

      - There are a few sticky threads in some sections. Please go through them. They contain special rules for those particular sections.

      - Don't just keep on asking why your bonus for posts is not increasing even though you are making posts because at times, bonus script is turned off for maintenance. As soon as its turned on again, all of your posts which you made during this time will be counted as paid posts and you will get paid for them by the end of the month.

      - Some times we encountered unexpected technical problems that makes new members and even old members can't see their posts and this happened several times already. When this happen please do not panic because our IT department will fix this bug as fast as they can so we have to give them the time that they need.

      A few cautions:

      - Do not talk about other brokers bonus offers in the forum. It is subject to penalty.
      - Live trading section is for discussion purpose. If you want to post signal or similar then post them in the sub section Forex Signals
      - Do not open any thread regarding MT5 forum on the "Free Dialogue" section. Ask them in "Forum & Portal Support" section.

      If you have any query regarding new members, feel free to ask in this thread.

      Happy Trading
      Last edited by PhantomTrader79; 08-20-2014 at 02:39 AM. Reason: updating info.

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      Where am I?
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      Great info dear bro it will helped newbies to learn about this forum and they can easily post without any fear also they will follow the rules as well as I learn from your post Thanku

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      Forex in the blood
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      i try to post here soon as well now i am try to create the post thank u so much

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      MT5 Rookie
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      Thank you for the briefing, please how can one know if he or she has passed the validation period apart from the 10 post agenda, is there any sign or notification that will be displayed

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      MT5 Rookie
      I am:
      aqmnb is an unknown quantity at this point aqmnb's Avatar
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      I understand that it will be useful for me and I think I will learn and earn

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      Where am I?
      I am:
      ANGELINA SCHWARZ is an unknown quantity at this point ANGELINA SCHWARZ's Avatar
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      You know what you did? You just duplicated piece of my post and posted it here! Fortunately you are fortunate this time and I won't boycott you yet on the off chance that you do it by and by, genuinely you will get a boycott for a month in any event !

      Be cautious next time!

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      Will work for pips
      I am:
      es992000 is on a distinguished road es992000's Avatar
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      why can not I see my profile bonus?
      why not in the activation of my account?

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      Where am I?
      I am:
      Shaheenfx is on a distinguished road Shaheenfx's Avatar
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      Respected how can we attached our insta forex account .I tried many times I my my account is not processed plz guide me

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